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How does Pitch Your Concepts work?

Simply post your project requirements, receive and review proposals, then meet your favourite proposal in person. Once your project is on the platform, architecture practice across the UK can submit their proposals to you. 

Are there any fees to use Pitch Your Concepts?

New users have one year of complimentary use of the platform. All professional fees are determined between you and the architecture practice, we do not receive any commissions from projects.

Project Brief - Information required 

List down all your requirements for the project. Pictures and drawings are usually helpful. If this is your first project or just require some help, please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you in developing your project brief for a small fee. 

Will my project be publicly viewable?

Project titles and summaries are publicly viewable. Full project details can only be viewed by architecture practices registered with Pitch Your Concepts.

Awarding a project on Pitch Your Concepts

Award a project to an architecture practice to further discuss your project in person. You will receive the contact information of the architecture practice's person in-charge upon awarding a project. In the unlikely circumstance where you are unsatisfied with the further discussions you have had with the awarded practice, you may award the project to another architecture practice or extend the project's deadline.

What to expect after you have chosen an architect?

Your contact details will be released to the winning design's architecture practice and vice versa. The winning design's architect will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your project in person.

Can I contact an architecture practice directly?

If you come across an architecture practice's work that you like, or an existing contact of yours, click on "Are You Interested In This Job?" to alert the practice about your project. 

Architect versus Designer                                

In the United Kingdom, an architect is registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). This means the professional who you are working with is a fully qualified professional. We regularly check the validity of all the architects on Pitch Your Concepts. We also have a review system whereby previously clients may add a testimonial and rating to an architect they have previously worked with.


Design Professionals - Architecture Practices

Are there any fees to use Pitch Your Concepts?

It is free to sign up and each architecture practice will receive one complimentary pitch every month. If your practice would like to pitch for a second project, there is a small administration fee. Upon award of a project, the professional fee is determined between yourself and the property owner. We do not receive any commissions from projects. 

How much work should I deliver within a pitch?

There are no fixed requirements for your pitch submissions. You should respond to any property owner's brief as you would typically do in real life after hearing about the project for the first time. 

Termination of Monthly Recurring Payment

You may subscribe to a recurring subscription plan for regular additional pitches per month starting from £30 per month. The payment will be collected on the first day of sign up and recurring monthly. Termination of subscription requires a 30 days notice period.                         


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